Winners, Inc: RichTV In Discussion With Advisory Board Member Phil Gordon

Sports gambling was a dead industry in the United States until a few years ago but a ruling from the Supreme Court in 2018 changed all that. It ruled that states have the right to approve sports gambling and that has resulted in an explosion in the sector. In such a situation, Winners, Inc. (OTCPINK:GOOOD) subsidiary VegasWINNERS Inc comes across as a particularly intriguing operation.

The Explosion Of Online Gaming And The Legalization Of Sports Gambling

The company is involved in crunching data, conducting research, and then provide its analyses and predictions. The company believes that its revenues are going to skyrocket in light of the growth in the sports handicapping space. The advisory board member of VegasWINNERS Phil Gordon went on RichTV LIVE on Thursday and participated in a discussion with the host about the direction of the company.

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Over the course of the past few months, RichTV LIVE has hosted some of the biggest names from several industries and has quickly become one of the more popular resources for investors on YouTube. He informed that Winners Inc is going to have a new ticker symbol from 27 December this year.

The stock currently trades under the symbol GOOOD but from 27 December it will trade under the symbol WNRS. Gordon is best known for having been a successful poker player but he has also been a tech entrepreneur. He has brought all that experience into his advisory board member role at VegasWINNERS.

He stated that poker’s popularity has exploded manifold over the past years and something similar is now happening in the sports betting space. Gordon went on to state that as many as 18 states have legalized sports betting and in addition to that 16 other states have their sports betting related legislations in the works.

Hence, the potential size of the market could be huge for Winners as well as its subsidiary VegasWINNERS. The interest in the sports betting sector has also gone up considerably over the course of recent years due to such legislation. That was also the reason why Gordon actually decided to become a part of Winners.

The current direction of the industry and the optimistic comments from one of its members of the advisory board perhaps make Winners a stock that investors could keep an eye on.

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