Universal PropTech Confirms Launch of ISBRG Corp’s SpotLight-19(C) Clinical Trial and New R&D Funding Assistance

One of the things that investors need to keep in mind is the fact that the availability of vital information about companies is perhaps the biggest edge they can have. The rise in importance of the internet has made it possible for investors to get information far more quickly, easily, and cheaply.


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Nowadays, it is merely a matter of knowing where to look and different investors have different preferences. However, it cannot be denied that YouTube is now perhaps one of the most popular platforms for investors. Among the many YouTube channels that have cropped up for investors, Rich Tv Live is comfortably one of the most popular, and on May 13th, the channel looked into a breaking news story regarding Universal PropTech Inc (TSXV:UPI).

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Analysis of breaking news stories is a major feature of the channel and investors could get a better idea about the story if they looked into the video. The announcement made on Thursday was in relation to ISBRG Corp, a company in which Universal PropTech owns a minority stake. Universal PropTech provided an update with regards to the progress made by ISBRG Corp in the development of its COVID 19 diagnostic device. Considering the fact that COVID 19 cases have still not gone down to zero, it is a product that could still have considerable value in the current environment. It was announced that ISBRG managed to get an Investigational Testing Authorization from Health Canada and has also started the clinical trial regarding the product, which is named SpotLight 19C.

The show hosted by the Rich Tv Live anchor was highly informative and on top of that, the Chief Growth Officer of Universal PropTech Frank Carnevale also going in for a chat. It was a highly instructive and illuminating chat. The Rich Tv anchor asked all the right questions and Carnevale was able to provide clear and straightforward answers to the implications of the latest development. He stated that the device offers quick COVID 19 tests and on top of that it is non-invasive in nature. These are the important point that might make the device quite popular among consumers in the long run. In light of the latest development, it could also be a good move for investors to start tracking the Universal PropTech stock today.

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