Universal PropTech Announces Signing Of Canadian Distribution Agreement With Fresh-Aire

Among the many online resources for information available to investors these days, YouTube has also emerged as one of the most popular ones. There are many YouTube channels that are dedicated to stock market investments and in recent times, the channel named Rich Tv Live has become particularly popular.

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Major Analysis

The channel published videos regularly and looks into various companies and also provides stock recommendations. In a video that it published yesterday, the analyst at Rich Tv looked into an important development with regards to the air purification system manufacturing company Universal PropTech Inc. (TSXV:UPI). The company announced on Monday that it signed an agreement with Triatomic Environmental Inc by way of which the latter is going distribute its air purification systems.

As everyone knows, merely coming up with a product is not good enough. The company also needs to have an effective distribution system in place and hence, it is a significant piece of news.

Universal is listed in Canada at this point but the Rich Tv analyst did point out that the company ultimately wants to be listed in the United States as well as in Germany. It is a fairly new company and it is natural for the company to want to get more exposure to a larger pool of investors.

Potential investors also need to take a look at the sort of products that the company has come up with. The company’s air purification systems are equipped with Fresh-Aire UV, which helps with the fight against bacteria, viruses, and other particles. At a time when the COVID 19 pandemic has become a menace, it is a product that could garner significant attention from buyers. It is hence, not a surprise that the company was in focus at Rich Tv Live.

The Chief Executive Officer of Universal Chris Hazelton spoke about the distribution agreement as well. He said that Universal has made it possible to provide an integrated HVAC system that can be installed at homes, offices, colleges, universities, and government buildings as well. The distribution agreement is going to help the company in reaching a large number of new customers. In light of this distribution agreement, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the Universal PropTech stock as well.

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