Tracesafe: RichTV in Discussion With the CEO Wayne Lloyd

When it comes to investment, it is paramount for investors to be well informed and nowadays, the internet has provided people with multiple sources. One of the most popular platforms at this point for investors is YouTube and in recent months, Rich Tv Live has managed to become one of the more popular channels.

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In this regard, it should be noted that Rich Tv often hosts a discussion with top company executives that give investors key insights into businesses. In its latest video, the Rich Tv hosted a discussion with Wayne Lloyd, the Chief Executive Officer of the wearable safety technology company Tracesafe Inc (CSE:TSF) (OTC:UTOLF). It might be a good idea for investors to have a look at what Lloyd had to say at this particular chat.

Key Things to Watch

The company is involved in quarantine management and contact tracing through its products and on January 21, Tracesafe announced a new partnership with Tritan Software. Tritan is a leading provider of Health Information and Incident Management solutions to the cruise industry and the partnership promises to be a significant one for Tracesafe.

Speaking about the company, Lloyd revealed that although the company was established back in 2013, it was only in early 2020 that he got involved with it. Tracesafe had started off as a medical devices company but the company decided to pivot and adapt its products for contact management.

Considering the demand for such software in light of the coronavirus pandemic, the pivot could well prove to be an inspired decision if the company can continue to strike such deals. Going back to the deal that Tracesafe signed with Tritan, it should be noted that the latter supports as much as 95% of the cruise industry and hence the company’s products could reach a very large pool of potential customers.

However, Lloyd also spoke about the future f the company. At the end of the day, the company would need to continue to innovate and come up with new products if it is to be a success in such a dynamic industry. He stated that Tracesafe is looking to work on other wearable products and on top of that that, the company wishes to deploy a data-driven approach in that quest.

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