Top Ten Stocks to Watch for March 2020: RichTV Live

Top Ten Stocks

Rich’s “top ten stocks” lists are a staple of RichTV Live. Last month, Rich chose some big names, including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. While the coronavirus threw a wrench into the markets, many of his picks have performed admirably.

Today, Rich returns with another top ten list, this time for March 2020. This list contains some coronavirus-related companies and some unrelated companies. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at just a few of his picks. For the full list, make sure to check out Rich’s video.

It’s really hard to trade right now, I’m not going to lie to you,” explains Rich. “It’s maybe one of the hardest times ever, because all of the major stocks right now are coronavirus stocks. But I’ve got a little bit of everything for March, so we’re going to take advantage of some momentum and take advantage of some stocks that are down right now.”

Top Ten Stocks for March 2020: #10 – Valens

The Valens Company (TSXV:VLNS) (OTCQX:VLNCF) is a leader in the creation of end-to-end cannabis products. It proudly works with a number of the biggest companies in the sector, delivering best-in-class, proprietary services and white-label products.

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Rich, along with several other cannabis industry observers, considers The Valens Company too good to ignore.

“With this company’s growth potential—and with every one of the Street giving them a price target of at least $8.00—at $2.90 I think the price is just too good not to buy it,” he says.

As Rich points out, VLNS stock is trading down despite reporting record EBITDA last week. It remains one of the few profitable companies in the cannabis space, and its low price makes now a potentially attractive time to invest.

Top Ten Stocks for March 2020: #9 – Gilead

With a market cap over $3 billion, Gilead Sciences Inc (NASDAQ:GILD) is a major American biopharmaceutical company. It discovers, develops, and commercializes medicines in areas of unmet medical need, and currently has operations in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Of note, the company recently launched a Phase 3 study for a potential coronavirus treatment called remdesivir.

“Gilead is a leader in looking for a cure for the coronavirus,” Rich says. “They’ve got the first-mover advantage on this and—at $69—I think now is the time to go in. It could go lower, but if they find a cure, they’re going to go to $100.”

Outside of its coronavirus news, GILD just announced that it is buying out cancer drugmaker Forty Seven (NASDAQ:FTSV) for $4.9 billion.

Top Ten Stocks for March 2020: #8 – Kinross

Based in Canada, Kinross Gold Corporation (TSX:K) (NYSE:KGC) is a senior gold mining company. It has mines and projects in the United States, Brazil, Russia, Mauritania, Chile, and Ghana.

“I’m a huge fan of gold, but gold’s been taking a big hit,” Rich explains. “KGC is down 5.9% to $5.02—but it is still one of the best gold companies out there and one of the few that’s priced reasonably well.”

He adds that, despite KGC’s current downturn, gold remains a safe haven amidst market panic. On top of that, Kinross is an attractive stock. The company recently added 7.7 million gold ounces to its estimated measured and indicated resources and is proceeding with its mining operation in Chile.

What do you think of Rich’s list of top ten stocks this month? For the full list, don’t forget to watch Rich’s video.

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