Top 10 Stocks To Watch in 2021: RichTv Live

If you are looking for investment-related content on YouTube then one of the best resources at this point is RichTv LIVE. Over the course of the past months, the YouTube channel has grown into one of the best resources for investors who are looking for stock recommendations or general information about the latest moves in the market.

In its latest video, RichTv LIVE showcased the top 10 stocks for 2021 and it goes without saying that it is a topic that is going to be in the minds of many investors at this point. Here is a look at some of the stocks that were recommended.

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#10 Tattooed Chef Inc (NASDAQ:TTCF)

As everyone knows, plant-based food is a sector that has been in focus for quite some time and one of the companies that saw its stock rally strongly in recent times is that of Tattooed Chef Inc. In this regard, it is interesting to know that RichTv LIVE actually recommended the stock when it was trading at $15 a share.

It is now trading at around $23 a share and had previously hit a high of $27 a share. The analyst went on to call the stock a ‘rocket ship’ and recommended it as one of the picks for the year. The stock float is quite tight and at this point, the number of issued and outstanding shares stands at only 65 million.

#9 Grande West Transportation Group Inc (OTCMKTS:BUSXF)

The next stock that has been recommended by RichTv LIVE for the year is Grande West Transportation Group. The analyst said that at this point Grande West is an under the radar stock since not many are aware of the company. Hence, he went on to state that investors would need to be patient with any potential moves if they do get into it.

#8 Currencyworks Inc (OTCMKTS:CWRK)

The other stock recommended for 2021 by RichTv LIVE for 2021 is Currencyworks Inc. Moreover, the stock has been on a remarkable run since December 1, 2020. Since then, the Currencyworks stock has rallied by as much as 1000% and RichTv  LIVE analyst reckons that there could be more upside in the stock in 2021.

Check out the original video to take a look at the other seven picks for the year.

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