Top 10 Best Stocks to Buy or Watch in November 2020: RichTV Live

Over the course of the years, RICH TV has emerged as one of the more interesting YouTube channels for stock investors. The channel has made a wide range of recommendations over the past months and it is likely that many wait eagerly for its monthly picks at the beginning of each calendar month.

In its latest video, RICH TV revealed the top 10 stocks for the month of December and it could well be a good idea for investors to take a look at some of the picks. Here is a look at some of the stocks that have been picked by RICH TV for the month.

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#10 Carebook Technologies Inc (CVE:CRBK)

One of the stocks recommended by RICH TV for the month of December is that of Carebook Technologies Inc. The company, which is just starting off, is involved in the potentially lucrative digital healthcare sector and at this point, it has a market capitalization of only $45 million. The number of outstanding issued shares stands at 30 million at this point.

The company is listed in Canada at this point and RICH TV reckons that it could be a good idea to get into Carebook while it is still at a nascent stage. Investors could consider keeping it on their watch lists for the time being.

#9 Valeo Pharma Inc (CNSX:VPH)

Another stock that has been added to the recommendations for the month is the Valeo Pharma stock. Like Carebook, Valeo is still a relatively small operation and commands a market cap of only $58 million. Hence, if the company can grow further there could be a considerable upside for early investors.

The number of outstanding issued shares is only 64 million. On top of that, RICH TV also mentioned that the total share float is only 15 million and that could be a reason to keep an eye on Valeo this month.

#8 Pacific Ethanol Inc (NASDAQ:PEIX)

The Pacific Ethanol stock has also found a place on the list from RICH TV. The RICH TV analyst stated that the stock might have bottomed out and hence, there could be the possibility of a rebound in the month of December. In November, the stock managed to deliver gains of 16% and the analyst stated that it could continue this month.

For the rest of Rich’s list, be sure to watch his video embedded above. And keep watching RichTV Live for more updates and insights for the best stocks.

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