Top 10 Best Stocks to Buy or Watch in November 2020: RichTV Live

Over the course of the past months, RICH TV has proven to be one of the best resources for investors with regard to stock tips. RICH TV provides a tip for a particular month and this year, its track record has been particularly good.

Hence, it is perhaps a good idea for investors to take a look at the top 10 stocks that it has suggested for the month of November. Here is a look at the top 10.

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#10 Best Stocks to Buy or Watch in November 2020: GoodFood (TSE:FOOD) (OTC:GDDFF)

GoodFood was the first stock that was mentioned for November picks. The stock went from $1.49 a share in March to $10.49 a share in October. It has retraced its steps somewhat but it is also clear that it has delivered major gains.

However, the analyst stated that the long-term trends remain strong and the stock could rally again in November. In the past three months, it has gained 44% and since March, the stock has gained 485%. Investors could consider adding it to their watch lists.

#9 Best Stocks to Buy or Watch in November 2020: Paypal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:PYPL)

The second one that has been earmarked for March is that of payments giant PayPal. RICH TV host stated that he recently bought 25 shares in PayPal and expects it to be one of the stocks to buy in November.

He stated that the fact that Bitcoin has now been made compatible with PayPal has made the company at a different level altogether. That is the biggest reason behind the investment, according to RICH TV.

#8 Best Stocks to Buy or Watch in November 2020: The Very Good Food Company (CSE:VERY) (OTC:VRYYF)

One of the stocks to have been recommended by RICH TV for the month of November is that of TVGFC. It has recorded significant gains due to recent developments and RICH TV’s host stated that he has been trading the stock frequently. He has been going ‘in and out’ of the stock and has managed to make ‘five-figure’ profits through his trades.

He went on to state that the stock has been in a tear over the past week or so. Hence, it is no surprise that it has been included among the stocks to watch out for in the month of November. He

went on to state that the stock could eventually upstage Beyond Meat.

#7 Best Stocks to Buy or Watch in November 2020…

For the rest of Rich’s list, be sure to watch his video embedded above. And keep watching RichTV Live for more updates and insights for the best stocks.

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