RichTV Live’s Top Ten Pot Stocks to Watch in December 2019

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Guess who’s back with a brand new wrap-up-the-year list! Rich once again breaks down the top ten pot stocks investors should be watching, this time looking at the companies excelling as we enter the final month of 2019.

Last month’s list ended up being a who’s-who of November’s big winners. Will this month’s list be the same? The only way to know for sure is to watch how these picks perform.

“I believe that pot stocks are very close to what we call ‘the resurrection,'” says Rich. “We’ve been down for the last eight months, but I believe we are about to explode. There are a lot of catalysts coming that’ll make 2020 a big year.

Pot Stocks to Watch: #10–#8

10. Green Thumb Industries Inc. (CSE:GTII) (OTCQX:GTBIF)

Rich Says: “$68 million in quarterly sales, 52% quarter-over-quarter growth. So I see the upside being great here, even from these levels. They lost only $1.9 million in adjusted operating income, which is not bad. Great growth potential here for Green Thumb.”

9. Village Farms International Inc. (TSX:VFF) (NASDAQ:VFF) 

Rich Says: “I think the upside is tremendous for these guys. They’ve had a major run, starting at $4.00 last December, they went as high as $23.00. They’ve consolidated down to $8.00, and I believe they’ll go back up. They had $4.6 million adjusted operating income. That’s very good, one of the best in the industry, in fact.”

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8. Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (CSE:PLTH) (OTCQX:PLNHF)

Rich Says: “I love the fact that they’re creating specialty stores to create an entertaining environment for cannabis enthusiasts. You could go to a club, get your cannabis, hop in a opol. Currently at $1.93, I think there’s a great upside for Planet 13.”

Pot Stocks to Watch #7–#5

7. C21 Investments Inc. (CSE:CXXI) (OTCQB:CXXIF)

Rich Says: “CXXI has actually been quietly making a move. $9.9 million in quarterly sales. 27% up over the last quarter. Only 5.57 million shares issued and outstanding, one of the tightest structures I’ve seen in the industry. And they’ve got adjusted operating income of $100,000. Not a lot, but it’s still in the positive.”

6. Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (CSE:LHS) (OTCQX:LHSIF)

Rich Says: “I haven’t talked about them a lot, but they’re really starting to grow on me. It’s almost doubled from two months ago, and there’s a reason they’ve been doing so well. $10.6 million in quarterly sales, that’s unbelievable growth. They did lose $400,000 in adjusted operating income. They’re very close to being revenue positive. 93% quarterly growth.”

5. Alcanna Inc. (TSX:CLIQ) (OTCPK:LQSIF)

Rich Says: “These guys are on my radar now because they’re doing some big things. Adjusted operating income of $0.9 million. They grew 40% over the quarter to hit $12.9 million in quarterly sales. And they’ve got a great share structure and an awesome business model.”

Pot Stocks to Watch #4–#2

4. Valens GroWorks Corp. (TSXV:VGW) (OTCQX:VGWCF)

Rich Says: “These guys are too big to fail. $5.5 million in adjusted operating income. Very strong results for these guys. 85% quarter-over-quarter growth. I love them, they’re a huge extraction play, one of the biggest in the world. The potential is enormous. This has been the year of the extractors, and I believe 2020 will be an even bigger and better year.”

3. MediPharm Labs Corp. (TSX:LABS) (OTCQX:MEDIF)

Rich Says: “I love everything about them and everything they’re doing. $5.5 million in adjusted operating income. Like Valens, it’s a massive extractor. $43.4 million in quarterly sales. LABS needs to be on your radar.”

2. GrowGeneration Corp. (OTCQX:GRWG)

Rich Says: “The reason I like them is that they’re in the pix and shovels side of the business. They give you soil, and lighting, everything you need to grow your cannabis business. I love their model. They’re opening so many stores and growing very fast. They’re moving to the NASDAQ next week and I think these guys have a chance to be a giant. $1.1 million in adjusted operating income. $21.8 million in quarterly sales.”

The Number One Pot Stock to Watch

The number one spot on Rich’s list of pot stocks to watch for December 2019 goes to Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (CSE:TRUL) (OTCQX:TCNNF). It’s held the top spot in four out of the last five lists, and it’s reclaimed the spot after falling to number 6 for November.

Rich Says: “At $23.4 million, they’re a giant when it comes to adjusted operating income for cannabis. $70.7 million in quarterly sales, 22% quarter-over-quarter growth. They’re the best by far, and nobody else is even close.”

If you liked this list, be sure to check out Rich’s other Top Ten lists. And keep watching his channel for the latest in pot stock and investing news!

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