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Happy New Year! With 2019 drawing to a close and a new decade being ushered in, we have decided to take a look back at some of the most successful RichTV stock picks of the year. With gains ranging from 11% to over 1,000%, it has been quite the year indeed and we’re hoping 2020 brings with it as much success as 2019 did. Let’s take a look at the stocks that made this year one to remember. 

Green Thumb Industries (CSE:GTII)

Rich picked out GTII stock back in July at a price of $12.71 and saw a solid 11% return as it peaked at $14.09. “I haven’t talked about them much, but I love these guys. Green Thumb Industries Inc. is a strong buy and the analyst estimates are $28.90. That’s 134 upside from these prices,” said Rich back in July. This stock has dropped back down to around $12.80, highlighting that timing is the key. 

Fire & Flower Holdings Corp (TSX:FAF)

Fire & Flower was another July pick from RichTV, which saw double the gains of GTII stock. Picking it out at $1.31, this stock popped 22% to $1.60 to provide some happy returns for those who decided to cash in. “I love this stock,” says Rich. “They might be a slow and steady winner, but I think they go way higher if you’re willing to be patient.” Currently trading at $0.90, FAF stock was also another investment that was all about the timing. 

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mCloud Technologies Corp (TSXV:MCLD)

Undoubtedly Rich’s catch of the year, he picked out MCLD stock when it was trading for just $0.41 back in February before it rocketed a whopping 1,071% to a peak valuation of $4.80. Rich spotted the game-changing news that mCloud had acquired Autopro Automation Consultants in order to solidify its position in the oil & gas sector weeks before it had an impact on MCLD stock. For those who cashed in on this stock, 2019 was certainly a happy year indeed. 

High Tide Inc (CSE:HITI)

July was a good month for RichTV followers, with Hgh Tide yet another cannabis stock that banked some solid returns for investors. Picking it out at $0.28, this little-known pot penny stock more than doubled to a peak of $0.43 bringing in 54% gains for investors who timed it just right. Rich explained why he saw HITI as such an attractive option, saying, “I haven’t seen too many companies focused on franchising. It’s really interesting and I think it separates High Tide from a lot of other licensed producers in the sector.”

Zoomaway Travel Inc (TSXV:ZMA)

Another July pick, and another huge gainer. Priced at just $0.025 when Rich put this one forward, this stock reached a peak of $0.14 just two months later, bringing in a staggering 460% return for investors and making it the second most successful stock of the year. The online “know before you go” travel company has since seen its share value retreat towards the $0.10, which is still well above its mid-July valuation when first picked out by Rich. 

The Takeaway

So, if you were lucky enough to cash in on some of Rich’s best stock picks for 2019, then we’re sure it was a very happy year for you indeed. If not, don’t worry, because 2020 is shaping up to be an even more impressive year. From all of us here at RichTV, have a wonderful New Year!

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