RichTv Explains Corporate Update From Pure Extracts Technologies

Over the past months, RichTV has been able to highlight some very interesting companies and stocks. Some of those stocks have managed to record gains as well and hence it is no wonder that the YouTube channel has now become quite popular with many investors.

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Key Points to Watch

On Thursday, RichTV focussed on Pure Extracts Technologies Corp (CSE:PULL), after the company released a corporate update.  In the corporate update, the company informed that it had its IPO back on November 5th and also provided a glimpse of its business.

Pure Extracts had been listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange earlier this month. The company is engaged in the plant-based extraction space and focussed on mushrooms, hemp, and cannabis. RichTV decided to focus on the company and provide its subscribers with the key details about Pure Extracts.

The hemp and cannabis sectors are expected to grow substantially over the coming years and hence, the company’s extraction services could be vital for many companies. Moreover, the launch of cannabis derivative products could prove to be another massive boost. Companies moving into this sector are going to need extraction service providers so that they can manufacture their Cannabis 2.0 items efficiently.

Hence, it is no surprise that RichTV decided to focus on Pure Extracts and it could be a good idea for investors to keep an eye on the stock as well.    In this regard, it is necessary to point out that Pure Extracts has also built up its capabilities considerably in recent times. At this point in time, the company boasts of a highly advanced plant located in Pemberton that conforms to the GMP standards laid down by the European Union.

Earlier this year, the company had also been awarded a Standard Processing License by Health Canada, the regulatory body. The license from Health Canada is particularly important since it will allow the company to produce white label products for licensed producers in Canada. Pure Extracts is currently headed by Ben Nikolavsky, who is an experienced executive and has considerable experience with all the different aspects of the fairly nascent cannabis industry in North America.

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