StillCanna Inc. is Rich’s Latest Cannabis Stock to Watch


Today Rich takes some time to profile several cannabis stocks, one of the big ones being StillCanna Inc. (CSE:STIL) (OTCPK:SCNNF) (FRA: 484), an early-stage life sciences company. Though based in Canada, the company is focused on large-scale CBD extraction in Europe.

‘It’s a company that is very much flying under the radar,” says Rich. “I believe this company to be underappreciated, underexposed, and undervalued. I believe this company is going to be a big revenue generator.”

Because there aren’t too many people paying attention to it, Rich notes that StillCanna’s stock price has been gradually going down. He believes they are at, or very near, a bottom, and highlights some of the company’s recent news that may indicate growth in the future.

StillCanna’s Recent News Indicates Growth

After slowly falling from a year high of $1.64 in April, StillCanna opened today at just over $0.90. This is where Rich believes the company will build a floor.

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One piece of recent news that may bolster the price and improve the company’s revenue-generating ability is the announcement that StillCanna’s cannabis cultivation facility in Poland has accepted delivery of its first custom-built harvester especially designed for hemp. This is just the first of several harvesters expected to arrive shortly.

In a press release, CEO of StillCanna, Jason Dussault, said, “These harvesters represent the best technology farming has to offer, [providing] speed and efficiency while specifically designed to retain CBD content throughout the process.”

At the beginning of the month, the company began preparations to harvest its 2019 Polish crop. This is being accomplished by a team with more than 20 years of experience in agriculture. Additionally, the company’s extraction facility in Poland, Nexus, is expected to be operational in Q4 of this year. It has been designed to produce over 1,000 kilos of isolate every month, a number that can be doubled with the addition of more distillation equipment.

The more StillCanna releases updates like this, the more its stock price is likely to rise. If you’re considering taking Rich’s advice to learn more about this company in preparation to buy, you better move quick.

StillCanna is an Industry Leader in CBD Extraction

StillCanna uses an ethanol extraction method to produce large quantities of high-quality, low-cost CBD. Ethanol extraction doesn’t require too many intermediary steps, which keeps overhead low. The company even enlisted the help of engineers who are experienced in fluid dynamics to refine the extraction process.

What’s more, the company prides itself on its proprietary hemp strain, which has a gestation period of 45 days. Because of this remarkably quick turn around time from seed to harvest, the company can plant two crops each season on a number of its properties to significantly increase its CBD production capacity starting next year.

All signs point to StillCanna being a big mover as it transitions from harvest to market, and as consumer demand for high-quality CBD continues to rise.

Check out the full video for more information on StillCanna and other cannabis stocks to watch out for. You can also watch Rich interview StillCanna’s CEO here.

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