Rich Interviews HPQ-Silicon Resources President & CEO Bernard Tourillon

HPQ-Silicon Resources

On Monday, Rich profiled an exciting mineral exploration company called HPQ-Silicon Resources (TSXV:HPQ) (OTC:URAGF). Predicting that “they could be huge,” Rich ran through everything that investors need to know about this vertically integrated and diversified provider of silicon.

“It’s one of those companies that people don’t think about,” Rich said. “People don’t realize how many products contain silicon.”

Today, Rich interviews the President and CEO of HPQ-Silicon Resources, Bernard Tourillon. With more than 20 years of finance, marketing, administration, and public accounting experience in a number of exploration and mining companies, Tourillon has helped transform HPQ from a simple exploration corporation into a high purity quartz and gold exploration company focused on generating free cash flow.

HPQ-Silicon Resources Has a New Way of Making Silicon

“Silicon is a massive market, $24 billion a year,” Tourillon explains, “and we’re reinventing the way of doing it much more efficiently and changing completely the dynamics of it.”

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Using a process called PUREVAP Quartz Reduction Reactor, HPQ-Silicon Resources can produce high-quality Silicon with lower-cost material. This gives the company a competitive advantage in the ever-growing Silicon market.

Through a collaboration with PyroGenesis Canada Inc (TSXV:PYR)—a collaboration that Tourillon was instrumental in establishing—HPQ’s PUREVAP QRR process was put to the test. The results showed that HPQ’s silicon was not only made at a lower cost, it was a higher-quality product than silicon made via the traditional method.

As Tourillion explains, his company will be well-positioned to provide the silicon necessary to complete production of solar panels and other important green technology.

“[Silicon] is the key to solar energy, you need it to turn the energy from the sun into solar energy,” he says. Tourillion adds that soon HPQ will have a fully-functioning piece of pilot plant equipment that will be capable of regularly producing 50 tonnes of high-purity silicon.

HPQ is on the Verge of Serious Growth

For most of the year, HPQ-Silicon Resources’ stock price has hovered just under the $0.10 mark. However, Tourillion is optimistic about the company’s prospects in the near and long term future.

“I think 2019 is going to be the start of a huger 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023,” he says. “We’re going to start to look at markets that we can immediately engage with our pilot plant equipment.”

At the end of July, HPQ announced that it closed a private placement agreement for gross proceeds of up to $325,000. This money can help jump-start the company’s movement towards entering the silicon production market.

In addition to its collaboration with PyroGenesis, HPQ is also working with industry leader Apollon Solar to refine a metallurgical method of producing solar grade silicon that will take full advantage of the PUREVAP QRR one-step production process.

It will be exciting to watch the company enter the market and compete with the billion-dollar silicon producers using a more cost-effective and ultimately more refined process.

What do you think? Is HPQ-Silicon Resources going to be another one of Rich’s winners? If you’ve got a company you’d like Rich to profile, let us know about it in the comments below.

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