Pure Extracts Technologies CEO Ben Nikolaevsky Discusses Business Plan

Plant-based extraction company Pure Extracts Technologies Corp (CSE:PULL), which works extensively with the cannabis industry, has been in the news in recent days. Considering the fact that the stock listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange recently, it is easy to see why. On Tuesday, the Chief Executive Officer of the company Ben Nikolaevsky appeared on RICH TV for a discussion and its highlights are worth noting for any potential investors.

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Core Activities Of The Company

During the discussion, Nikolaevsky spoke about the core activities of the company. He stated that Pure Extracts is involved in the extraction of plant-based products starting from mushrooms and hemp to cannabis. Those are the three main lines of products that the company deals in.

In addition to that, Nikolaevsky also provided a glimpse into his career in the industry so far. He said that he was involved with a large-scale cultivator in the past but it sold off to cannabis giant Tilray. His total experience in the cannabis and agricultural space spans more than a decade and it can be said that Pure Extracts is being headed by an experienced hand of the industry.

He went on to add that after the previous business had been sold to Tilray, Nikolaevsky had actually retired but decided to return as the head of Pure Extracts since he wanted to be a part of the plant extraction space. The rationale behind the urge to be involved in this business was also made clear by Nikolaevsky.

Launch Of Cannabis 2.0 Products

He stated that due to the launch of Cannabis 2.0 products in Canada, the extraction space is only going to get more orders. The demand for Cannabis 2.0 products can also be gauged from the plethora of such products that are being listed online. He added that the cannabis market is quickly moving in that direction. It is a compelling argument and one that ought to be taken seriously by market watchers.

The launch of these products marks a major milestone for the cannabis industry at large. However, if these products do manage to command a big enough market then it could provide a major boost to plant extraction companies like Pure Extracts. Investors could consider keeping an eye on this stock over the coming weeks and observe the price action.

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