Pure Extracts Delineates Study On Psilocybin Oral Tablets, Capsules And Nasal Gel

Investors nowadays look for a range of sources when it comes to acquiring the latest information about the stock market and over the years, YouTube has become an excellent source.

Rich Tv Live has emerged as one of the more popular YouTube channels for investors in recent months. It posts regularly about the latest events in the market and focuses on specific stocks as well.

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What to Watch

In its latest video, the analyst looked into the new development with regards to Pure Extracts Technologies Corp (CSE:PULL) (XFRA:A2QJAJ), a company that has been showcased by Rich Tv plenty of times in the past. Pure Extracts is involved in cannabis, functional mushroom, and hemp extraction. However, in recent times the company has also started working on psilocybin products.

The news that broke on Thursday was in regards to its psilocybin products. Hence, Pure Extracts could be called a psychedelic medicine stock and from what has gone on over the past months, it is clear that it could well be a pretty hot sector.

The Rich Tv host stated that Pure Extracts is in fact one of the best psychedelic stocks to own this year. The plan based extraction company announced yesterday that it has decided to delineate the time tables and milestones in relation to the psilocybin based nasal gel, tablets, and capsules that they are formulating.

While that remains the main breaking news about the company this week, the Rich Tv analyst was more concerned about the long term prospects of Pure Extracts. He pointed out that the channel had been following the stock ever since it had its IPO. Since then the stock has been followed quite diligently by the analysts at Rich Tv.

In the latest video, the analyst was also quick to point out that in addition to its psilocybin-based project; Pure Extracts is also involved in the cannabis oil space. In addition to that, investors also need to note that the company has also had its listing in the United States and is now available for investors who might be interested. You could consider taking a look at some of the videos that have been published by Rich Tv with regards to the company to get a broader idea about Pure Extracts.

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