Newscope Capital Corporation: RichTV Predicts The Next Move

It is extremely important for an individual to be well informed about the different aspects of the market if he wants to be a successful investor.

 Nowadays, there are numerous sources from which one can get information and one of the more popular ones is YouTube. RichTV Live has become one of the more highly regarded channels for investors and one of the most eagerly awaited series of videos is the one related to ‘secret penny stocks’.

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What to Watch?

On Tuesday, the analyst at RichTV showcased his latest pick for the series and the stock that was in focus was Newscope Capital Corporation (CNSX:PHRM.CN) (OTCQB:PHRRF). Rich Tv regularly focuses on penny stocks that are a bit under the radar among investors and has proven to be a very popular series thus far.

Newscope Capital has a fully owned subsidiary named PharmaTher Inc and through that subsidiary, it is involved in the specialty life sciences space. As everyone knows, it is a sector that is slowly but surely gaining traction among investors and that is a factor that makes Newscope an interesting stock to track. The Canadian company has been on a hugely impressive run in recent times as well. The stock rallied strongly on the back of massive trading volumes yesterday and was up by as much as 26%.

All those familiar with RichTV would know that the analyst often prefers stocks that have a tight float and that seems to be the case with the Newscope stock as well. The number of issued shares in the company stands at only 69 million at this point in time. There are 3.8 million shares that are reserved and could be issued later. Since November 4 last year, the stock has managed to deliver gains of as much as 1000%, and even then it remains firmly under the radar for most investors.

Hence, it is the sort of stock that could be added to the watch lists by investors. At the end of the day, penny stocks are hugely popular among many investors due to the simple reason that there could be enormous gains in the future and Newscope is a stock that could be worth tracking.

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