New Secret Penny Stock By RichTv: RAADR, Inc. (OTCPINK:RDAR)

Over the course of the past few years, YouTube has become a highly popular platform for investors who want to get reliable information. RichTv LIVE is currently one of the more popular YouTube channels on the platform at this point.

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The channel analyses the latest news and also introduces investors to new stock that it feels might do well. One of the most popular series of videos is only about secret penny stocks. It looks into penny stocks that are a bit under the radar and last week, RichTv LIVE showcased its latest secret penny stock pick. The company that was under the scanner was RAADR, Inc. (OTCPINK:RDAR).

key Analysis

The tech company is involved in software development and is best known for artificial intelligence-powered monitoring of bullying behavior on social media websites. This past Saturday, the company announced that it got into a partnership with American Federation for Children. It is a significant development for the company considering the implications of the partnership in question.

The two parties are going to work together in order to bring about a school program for the entire state of Arizona. While it is true that it is a major development for RAADR, investors who might consider investing in the stock or trading it needs to keep certain things in mind.

The analyst on RichTv LIVE who analyzed this new ‘secret penny stock’ stated that there are more than 485 million issued and outstanding shares of the stock in the market. He went on to state that he does not quite like the fact that the company has so many shares available. That other important thing to keep in mind is the fact that at this point, RAADR commands a market cap of just over $6 million. Hence, if the company continues to grow and strike up such partnerships then there is still considerable room for growth.

The RAADR stock is available on the OTCPINK markets, however, the RichTv LIVE video also revealed that the company is looking to become a fully reporting company soon. That is an important thing to keep in mind for investors as well. It indicates that there is going to be far greater transparency for investors.

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