Zacatecas Silver Corp: RichTV Analyses The Recently launched IPO

The key to investing success is not only about watching the market closely but to be fully aware of most of the relevant news from the market. In order to be well informed, investors need to scour the internet for the little nuggets of information that can give them an edge.

YouTube has emerged as an excellent source of information in recent times and RichTV Live is among the most popular channels at this point for investors. The channel provides analysts with the latest news from the markets and keeps its subscribers well informed. In its latest video, the RichTV analyst looked into Zacatecas Silver Corp (TSXV:ZAC), which is going to have its IPO today.

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Major Analysis

In light of that development, it might be a good idea for investors to get a lowdown about the company as well. The stock is going to start trading today on the TSX Venture Exchange. It will trade under the symbol ZAC.

Zacatecas is one of the leaders in the silver industry and there is already considerable interest among investors with regards to its IPO. As the analyst pointed out in the video, the company calls itself the ‘world’s best address for high-grade silver. While that may be a tall claim, it cannot be denied that the precious metals sector has enjoyed prosperity in recent times and Zacatecas’ status as a major player in the industry is something to keep in mind.

More often than not, a major player in an industry going public attracts significant attention from both retail investors as well as from institutions. The company owns properties in a well-known silver mining region and it has been claimed that the region has exceptional exploration potential.

That is something that ought to be kept in mind by investors when they are looking into a mining company. On the other hand, it is also necessary to note that Zacatecas also boasts of a strong cash position. A strong cash position ensures that a mining company can keep its exploration operations going for far longer than a company that doesn’t have as much cash.

Last but certainly not least, Zacatecas is also blessed with a management team that has a good record when it comes to generating returns for investors.

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