Is Universal PropTech Underexposed? RichTv Explains

Nowadays, RichTv LIVE has emerged as one of the most popular online resources for investors, and every day, the YouTube channel analyses one stock or another.

One of the more popular series that it publishes is the ‘secret penny stock’ series that deals in under the radar penny stocks that might be performing well. In its latest video, RichTv LIVE showcased the company Universal PropTech Inc. (TSXV:UPI).

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Major Analysis

Every day thousands upon thousands of investors look for the next big thing from among penny stocks. These stocks generally trade below $5 a share and hence there is the possibility of generating enormous returns if one manages to invest in the right stock. That brings us to the subject of Universal PropTech, which was showcased in the latest RichTv LIVE video.

It is a new company and the analyst on RichTv noted that the penny stock has been picked by the community of the channel. Here is a closer look at the stock and what RichTv LIVE had to say about it. Investors need to note that the company is barely a week old and hence, it is necessary for investors to take a closer look at the key numbers around it.

Rich stated that the stock is undervalued and also described it as underexposed. The company is involved in providing builders with healthy building solutions and is engaged in creating intelligent technologies meant for building.

It is based out of Canada and at this point in time, the real estate sector in the country is quite big. Hence, if the products and services provided by Universal PropTech do catch on then the company is going to have a substantial addressable market. At this point, the stock trades on the TSX Venture Exchange in Toronto and it is likely that it is possibly going to remain a bit under the radar.

In other words, the stock is underexposed to many investors and could present an opportunity for those who are looking for penny stock companies that are involved in potentially lucrative sectors. Investors could do well to keep an eye on this stock over the coming days and also look up the latest RichTv video.

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