Halo Labs CEO Discusses About The Acquisition of Winberry Farms

On Wednesday, Halo Labs (NEO:HALO) (OTCQX:AGEEF) was in the news in the markets after the company managed to complete a key transaction. It is a transaction that could create a lot of buzz in the markets and hence, it was no surprise that the company was in focus in RICH TV’s latest video.

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Poised To Acquire Winberry Farms

RICH TV has been a source of highly engaging content for investors for many months now and on Wednesday; it managed to get the Halo Chief Executive Officer Kiran Sidhu to participate in the show. The scientific instrumentation company, which is involved in producing biopharmaceutical solutions, announced yesterday that it had acquired the secured debt of around $18.44 million belonging to Herban OR.

The company entered into the agreement with Halo Winberry Holdings LLC and other parties. However, that was not the only thing that Sidhu spoke about during the discussion. He spoke about the whole macros climate with regards to the cannabis industry and pointed out the recent comments from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris with regards to the industry. Sidhu pointed out that Halo Winberry (HW) is already among the top players in this space and went on to state that in terms of the assets owned, HW is among the top three in its industry.

Halo currently trades on the over-the-counter exchange but Sidhu stated that eventually, the company is going to be listed on NASDAQ. If Halo can manage to pull that off it would be a significant coup for the company. Although Sidhu stated his acquaintances told him that it was a long shot for Halo, he did not believe that it was such an outlandish target at all. In addition to that, NASDAQ opens up a world of opportunities for the stock since it will open up Halo to a much larger pool of investors.

Sidhu further stated that the company’s balance sheet and income statements are ample proof of the fact that HALO is ready to be listed on NASDAQ. Considering the fact that the CEO of the company is so bullish about the company’s chances of being listed on NASDAQ, it is something that is likely going to be on the back of the minds of many investors. 

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