Entheon Biomedical: RichTV in Discussion With the CEO Timothy Ko

When it comes to stock market-related information and YouTube, then there are very few options that are objectively better than the channel RichTV Live. Over the past months, the channel has emerged as one of the most reliable sources of information for retail investors. It releases videos regularly and looks into a wide range of companies quite deeply.

In addition to that, Rich Tv also provides an analysis of breaking news, looks into the stocks that might be making big gains, and also interview the top executives of the companies that it might be covering. In its latest video, the channel looked into the biotech company Entheon Biomedical (CSE:ENBI) (OTCPink:ENTBF) (FSE:1XU1). In addition to that, the Chief Executive Officer of the company Timothy Koa also joined the Rich Tv host for a chat.

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Major Details

It goes without saying that the appearance of the company’s CEO for a chat elevates the value of the latest production from RichTV considerably. Entheon is involved in the nascent but potentially fast-growing psychedelic medicine space and on Tuesday the company also made a major announcement.

The company announced its new appointment for Special Advisor of Data Science and Regulatory Affairs in the form of Nance Maher. According to the press release from Entheon, Maher is going to be involved in the design of the company’s data strategy and also provide valuable advice with regards to regulatory strategy.

Considering the fact that the psychedelic medicines industry is going to go through minute regulatory scrutiny, it is only natural for Entheon to have made such a key appointment. It is an appointment that could reassure investors with regards to its regulatory relationships strategy. On the other hand, the company CEO Timothy Ko also provided some key insights into the business.

Ko stated that his pharmaceutical medicines had not been able to help his brother and hence, it was one of the reasons why he went into this particular line of business. The Rich Tv anchor agreed with this assertion and stated that there are plenty of conditions that are not actually improved in any way by traditional medicines.

Hence, psychedelics-based medicines theoretically have a lot to promise if these companies can successfully come up with safe and effective products. Investors could consider keeping an eye on Entheon in the meantime.

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