Delta Resources CEO Andre Tessier Discusses Drilling Program At Delta-2

RICH TV has made its secret stock pick for the month of November in a video released earlier this week. The stock that has been picked is that of Delta Resources Limited (TSXV:DLTA) (OTCPINK:GOLHF)  and it is easy to see why. On Tuesday, the company made a major announcement and that is the primary reason behind the pick made by RICH TV.

Drilling Program For Its Delta 2

The company announced this week that it has commenced the drilling program for its Delta 2 located in Chibougamau, Quebec and it goes without saying that it is a significant development. Andre Tessier, who is the President & CEO at Delta Resources, participated in the discussion that took place on Tuesday on HILL TV.

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Mr. Andre stated that drilling work can often be a lottery but he went on to state that there are promising factors at play. It goes without saying that he is optimistic about the possibility of Delta Resources striking gold at the property.

The property is apparently easy to drill and on top of that, it is easy to access via roads. That makes it easier for the company to go about its business. He added that in winter, the company is also going to start venturing into the eastern portion of the property.

Overall, it appears that Delta Resources has managed to get hold of a property that holds a lot of promise and that is possibly the reason why HILL TV has also made the stock their secret pick of the month.

In addition to that, it is necessary to point out that during the HILL TV discussion, it was also pointed out that Delta Resources is currently focussed on drilling as many as six different targets. That is again a promising sign since it gives the company more of a chance of striking gold. Earlier on, the company had announced that it is going to drill as many as 12 holes that are going to add up to as much as 200 meters.

Considering the bullish take from HILL TV and its track record in recent times, it could b a good idea for investors to keep an eye on the Delta Resources stock.

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