Vemanti Group President Tan Tran Discusses Future Plans

Vemanti Group (OTCPK:VMNT) has been one of the more interesting companies in recent times and earlier this week, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Tan Tran went on RICH TV Live. The company is involved in investing in companies at an early stage. More often than not, Vemanti is interested in investing in those firms which can grow quickly and generate significant returns quickly.

The company is primarily involved with businesses in Vietnam and usually picks up equity stakes or goes into joint ventures. During his chat with RICH TV this week, Tran spoke about his plans for the company, and here are some of the highlights from the chat.

West African Gold Project

Vemanti is involved in a wide range of businesses starting from Fintech and e-commerce to blockchain and cybersecurity among others. However, during the interview, Tran was asked about one of Vemanti’s most ambitious projects that involves a West African gold mine.

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Tran stated that the negotiations are going well. Although he was quick to add that a deal is not done until it is done, the Vemanti CEO stated that he is planning to travel to Africa soon in order to work on the deal. 

Own Cryptocurrency

Tran also spoke about the company’s ambitious plans with regard to its cryptocurrency business. He stated that he was certain that in the future cryptocurrencies are going to play a much bigger role.

Tran said that Vemanti is looking to get into cryptocurrencies with its own stable coin and then he revealed why the company was working on acquiring a gold plant in Africa. He wants the company’s cryptocurrency to be backed up by gold. 

Gateway to Investments for Retail Investments

Tran also spoke about the reason why investing in Vemanti is one of the best ways for investors to get exposure to the thriving start-up scene in Vietnam.

He pointed out that investing through a venture capital fund is not feasible for most investors considering the sort of money that is involved in those deals. However, through Vemanti, it is possible for investors to have a gateway into a range of new-age industries in Vietnam and elsewhere.

Featured image: Pixabay

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