Christina Lake Cannabis Acquires 100 Proprietary Strains

Over the course of the past few months, RichTv Live has emerged as one of the more popular resources on YouTube for investors. The channel’s analyst showcases the stocks that are on the move and also analyses the impact of some important news on a company’s fortunes.

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It is not really a surprise that RichTv has become so popular. In its latest video, the analyst focussed on cannabis company Christina Lake Cannabis (CSE:CLC) OTCMKTS:CLCFF) (FRANKFURT:A2QEGJ), which completed a major acquisition on Friday. It is a significant development for the company and it was not a surprise that the company became the focus of the latest RichTv video.

In a development that raises Christina Lake’s profile significantly, the company announced that it has been successful in completing the acquisition of as many as 100 proprietary strains data bank. This is a major development since the acquisition of the genetic data bank of as many as 100 proprietary strains meant for outdoor growth is going to help Christina Lake in expanding its offerings considerably.

The competition in the cannabis space is only going to intensify in the years to come and the possibility of a company to offer such varieties is expected to keep it in a position to exploit new opportunities far more easily.

In this regard, it is also necessary to take a look at the sort of production capabilities that Christina Lake possesses. During the latest growing season, the company managed to produce as much as 32,000 kilos of cannabis and that is a massive improvement on the projected production of 15,000 kilos. The company believes that most of the popular strains of cannabis are meant for indoor cultivation and hence, there is a shortage of cannabis strains that could be efficiently grown outdoors.

Christina Lake has devoted substantial time and money towards its research and development activities with regards to strains of cannabis that could be grown in outdoor areas. The acquisition of the genetic data bank of such cannabis strains is going to speed up the process substantially. This is a development that is also expected to be watched closely by investors. Hence, it remains to be seen how the stock performs over the coming days.

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