Rich’s Top 5 Cannabis Stock Picks For The Month Of May

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Rich has been one of the best stock pickers in the cannabis industry for quite some time and in May 2019, many of his cannabis stock picks should be on the minds of serious cannabis investors.. Rich’s list includes Aphria Inc (TSX:APHA) (NYSE:APHA), Zenabis Global Inc (CVE:ZENA) (OTCQX:ZBISF), The Green Organic Dutchman (TSX:TGOD) (OTCQX:TGODF), Sunniva Inc. (CSE:SNN) (OTCQB:SNNVF) and Aleafia Health (TSX:ALEF) (OTCQX:ALEAF).

Here is a look at some of the stocks he has discussed.

Rich’s Cannabis Stock Picks May 2019


Aphria is one of the biggest cannabis companies not only in Canada but in the world; with market cap of $1.7 billion, it is not really a surprise. In addition to that, the company is the third biggest producer of cannabis in Canada and churns out 225,000 kilos of product with all facilities are running at full tilt.

However, the month of April was not a good month for Aphria shareholders as the stock slumped by as much as 19% throughout the month trading at $6.94. 

Rich said, “I told everybody that anything for Aphria under $10 CAD to me is a good buy and they’ve proven to be a good buy. So, Aphria, I believe might go a little bit lower, but I think it is a really good buy right now. And it might be a good opportunity to position yourself in Aphria.”


Zenabis Global Inc is another of Rich’s key picks for the month of May and it is not much of a surprise, considering the fact that the company unveiled some great news in April. The company was only established in January this year and is primarily involved in recreational and medicinal cannabis.

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However, the thing about Zenabis is that it has grown quickly and in April, the announced that it had significantly expanded its range of recreational cannabis products. In addition to that, it had also obtained a license to sell cannabis oil.

Rich says, “Zenabis is going to move by the end of this summer to almost 40 thousands kilograms of production capacity per year. Right now they’re not doing even a fraction of that, so that’s going to dramatically increase their revenue. So I anticipate they’re gonna explode.”

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Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd (TSX:TGOD) (OTCQX:TGODF)

Green Organic Dutchman Holdings, which is better known by its ticker name TGOD, is another pick from Rich that shows a lot of promise. Considering the run the stock has been this month so far, it looks like Rich has proven to be correct once again.

The company’s stock rose steadily under a number of great news releases, including the opening of its second cannabis store in Jamaica, its newly acquired cannabis oil sales license and most importantly, its investment in the CBD beverage market in the United States.

Rich says, “TGOD, I think . . . I see a huge upside. I think TGOD is going to go way higher.”


Sunniva has grown quietly while the marijuana industry at large grew at a breakneck pace. One of the most important deals the company has signed is with Canopy Growth Corporation, which is set to buy around 90,000 kgs of Sunniva product in the coming years. It is a highly strategic partnership.

The company is also developing a larger facility that is going to take its production capacity to the next level.

Rich explains, “Another company I really like is Sunniva. I liked them always. I bought Sunniva right when they did the IPO and they’ve been a huge success for a lot of people.” he further elaborated “They’ve (Sunniva’s stock) gone from dollars to 17 bucks. They’ve come back down really cheap but they bounced back up to begin the year and now they’re kind of finding resistance.”

Aleafia Health (TSX:ALEF) (OTCQX:ALEAF)

Aleafia Health is the leading cannabis company in Canada and is involved in almost all the possible sectors of the cannabis industry. Throughout May, ALEF stock has been on a tear. Rich picked ALEF among his top cannabis stock picks for May 2019 despite the fact that the company was not doing so well in April. Aleafia’s recent joint venture in Germany and the signing of supply contracts with local governments in Canada have sent the stock soaring in the month of May.

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