Australis Capital Shoots to the Top of Rich’s Stocks to Watch

Australis Capital

Rich is back with more stocks to watch this summer, as Australis Capital Inc. (CSE:AUSA) (OTCQB:AUSAF) is “on fire” and up 8.57 percent.

A spin-out of Aurora (TSX:ACB) (NYSE:ACB)—the second biggest licensed cannabis producer after Canopy Growth—Australis is laser-focused on breaking into one of Aurora’s few untapped cannabis markets: the United States. Australis wasted no time making its mark on the American cannabis industry, securing investments in Folium Biosciences, Wagner Dimas, Quality Green, and Body and Mind, as well as acquiring 100 percent of California-based Mr. Natural Productions. These companies offer a diverse range of assets—including cannabis production, distribution, technological innovation, and branding—that will be valuable to Australis Capital moving forward.

“I’ve been saying [Australis] is Aurora Cannabis 2.0, except it’s more affordable,” Rich said back in October, when he first brought the company to the attention of his community.

At that time, Rich talked about how Australis Capital had just made $30 million by issuing 14,778,325 units at $2.03 each. Every one of these units provided holders with one share of the company and entitled them to buy an additional share at $2.64, as long as they made their purchase within the next two years. Australis announced that this capital would be used to pursue its intended investments, and history has proven that it did just that.

Now, as the stock climbs, Rich advises his followers to watch Australis Capital’s numbers around the $1.00 mark.

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“What we’ve seen with Australis is that under $1.00 it’s a buy, and over the $1.10-30 range it’s a sell. And then you just rinse and repeat,” says Rich. “That’s how we’ve been successful with our members on Australis.”

Martello Technologies “Just Keeps Climbing”

In another video, Rich checked back in with his big pick from Friday, Martello Technologies (TSXV:MTLO) (OTC:DRKOF), which he said is the stock to watch throughout July.

Martello started making big waves last week when its co-Chairman, Bruce Linton, made his somewhat dramatic exit from Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED) (NYSE:CGC). Linton turned fashion into a marketing strategy by wearing a Martello shirt when announcing his departure from Canopy. This sly move drove attention to the small, Ottawa-based tech company, leading shares in Martello to skyrocket 200 percent in just three days.

“I did predict it would go to $1.00, and we’re more than halfway there now,” says Rich.

“I would like to help Martello both define and execute their strategy on acquisitions, because it is a very thoughtful and solid company that essentially allows all of the business applications in offices to work the way they should and avoid problems for users and the IT team,” said Linton, responding to the spike in share prices.

Rich has called Linton “The CEO of the Century,” and today notes that “The amount of people that are following this man is driving the price [of Martello stock] up, and I believe it continues, and it just keeps going on and on and on.”

Between Martello Technologies and Australis Capital, Rich keeps giving his followers premium options to follow. But there’s still one more company to be on the lookout for.

KushCo Holdings Files for Listing on NASDAQ

KushCo Holdings (OTCQX:KSHB) is diving into a bigger pond by filing an application to move up to the NASDAQ Global Select Market. The official listing is still dependent on approval, but as KushCo’s CEO Nick Kovacevich notes, the Global Select Market is the “highest and most prestigious NASDAQ tier.” To get to this level, large-cap companies must meet incredibly strict financial, liquidity, and corporate governance requirements.

Founded in 2010 to provide specialized packaging for the cannabis industry, KushCo has since acquired a number of important subsidiaries. These days the company now markets itself as a “one stop shop” for cannabis companies. In total, it’s moved more than 1 billion products to growers, processors, and producers in North and South America, as well as Europe, so it’s clearly ready to step up to the big leagues.

While it waits for approval to join the NASDAQ Global Select Market, KushCo will continue to trade on the OTC markets.

“This is big news for Kushco,” says Rich. “I love this company, I see it going way, way higher.”

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