2 More Recession Proof Stocks Exploding This Week: RichTV Live

Recession Proof Stocks

This week started off with a historic market move. Unfortunately, it was historic for all the wrong reasons. The Dow Jones plummeted nearly 3,000 points on Monday, losing 12.9% of its value. That’s slightly higher than the loss it suffered on Black Tuesday—otherwise known as the start of the Great Depression.

But that’s no reason to panic. As always, a few recession proof stocks are gaining, while the rest of the markets tumble. On Monday, Rich looked at a biotech stock that’s skyrocketing. Today, he is profiling a few of the other winners from this week that smart investors need to be keeping an eye on.

“I’m going to show you guys how to be in a recession and still make money,” Rich says.

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Recession Proof Stocks: Global Eagle Entertainment

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc (NASDAQ:ENT) provides various forms of media, as well as data analytics, to “markets across air, sea, and land.” Essentially, this company is responsible for the entertainment for airlines, cruise lines, ferries, and the like.

In the company’s third-quarter results, it posted record revenue of $170 million, up 3.6% over the prior-year period. Adjusted EBITDA was $25.4 million, up 37.7% versus the prior-year period, and the net loss was $41.3 million.

On Monday, Global Eagle Entertainment increased more than 100%. Its shares are now hovering around $0.20, having traded in an upward trend.

According to DBT News, Wall Street consensus puts the price target for ENT at $1.50 per share. This represents a strong buy recommendation and an incredible 650% increase.

Recession Proof Stocks: Sundance Energy Inc

Sundance Energy Inc (NASDAQ:SNDE) is an energy exploration and production company. It is currently focusing on the acquisition and development of large oil and natural gas resource plays in North America.

For April through December of this year, the company has hedges in place, covering a total of 7,931 barrels of crude oil per day. That’s 2,181,000 barrels total, at an average floor price of $48.92 per barrel. This puts Sundance Energy in a very strong short-term position.

On Tuesday, SNDE spiked more than 400%. The share price had been steadily losing value all year, but this week’s major jump made Sundance the best performing small cap stock of the day.

Now Sundance is getting a lot of positive attention from analysts, indicating that at least some of the value it gained this week is here to stay.

For more of Rich’s recession proof stocks, be sure to check out his full video. And, as always, make sure to do your own research before investing.

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